Safely Use Sensitive Data in the Cloud


If you are considering working with or storing sensitive college information using cloud services (including Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service), you must:

  • Choose a cloud service that complies with laws, regulations, and the college IT policies for your data type, in addition to addressing considerations of cost savings, functionality, and efficiency.
  • Use that service in ways that recognize,  you have a shared responsibility with the cloud provider to properly safeguard and protect the security and privacy of sensitive data.
  • Choose a Secure Cloud Service
  • Choose a service that meets your administrative, teaching, and/or clinical requirements and that provides appropriate protection for your data type.  See Sensitive Data Types
  • Be serious about passwords.  See Manage Your Passwords.
  • Use encryption to protect data or use an encrypted cloud service.

    See 6 Steps to Keeping Your Company Data Secure in the Cloud

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