What to Do if Your Account May Be Compromised

Change Your Password

  • If you suspect a work or personal account has been compromised, change the password for that account.
  • Choose a strong password and make it unique to that account.
  •  Do not use the same password for multiple accounts; that puts all your accounts at risk if one is compromised.

For instructions and tips, see Changing and Choosing a Secure Password.


Report It

  • If you suspect a personal account has been compromised, check the account documentation to find out how to report the compromise.


Turn On Multifactor Authentication (2-Factor)

    • Something you know—your password.
    • Something you have, such as a passcode, a phone, or even a mobile app.


Monitor for Suspicious Activity

  • Check your email for suspicious activity.
    • Are there emails in your sent box you did not send? 
    • Are you receiving emails from friends or family asking about an email that supposedly came from you?
    • Make screen shots of these emails and of any settings that have been tampered with to include in your report of the incident.
  • Learn more about monitoring and securing your Google Mail, as well as about protecting your personal information and privacy, at Google: My Account.
  • Check your other services for suspicious activity. For example, look for files in your online storage space, that you did not put there.


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