Secure Your Personal Computer

If you use a personally-owned computer for work, or you manage a company-owned computer, then you are responsible for properly securing it in accordance with company policy.

Your computer may contain personal and private information - notes, photos, contacts, documents, saved passwords, and more. You may also work with sensitive data on your computer.

If you use a Runbiz managed computer,  then your security settings are managed for you.  Call Runbiz Support (806-322-2150)  if you have any questions on your security settings. 

General Best Practices

  • Back up your data. Hard drives wear out. Devices can be lost or stolen. The Runbiz offers several file storage options you can use. Check the Sensitive Data Guide to see which services are appropriate for certain types of data.
  • Choose web browser security settings that protect your privacy and enhance security.
  • Put a sticker on your computer with your name and contact information so somebody who finds your lost computer can reach you.
  • Travel safely with technology. Protect your privacy and your business's sensitive data when you're away from home. (More info coming soon!)

Applicable Runbiz Policies

You are responsible for complying with the policies and standards below. The requirements on this page help you meet that responsibility.

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