How To: Create A Great Password

We’ve all been trained to use passwords that are hard for us to remember, and hard for us to type, but because they’re so hard to use, we make them as short as possible, when length is the only thing that really matters.

So here’s a new way to think about passwords.

Use words, phrases or short sentences for your passwords. Try song lyrics, or a saying you enjoy.

These are all great passwords:

  • (15) I like Fridays!
  • (11) Pie > Cake.
  • (22) Is this the real life?
  • (17) Fireandraindance1
  • (22) Sunshineonmyshoulders5
  • (25) Sunshine on my shoulders.

Easy to remember. Easy to type. And nice and long, which makes them strong.

Some systems won’t let you use spaces, and some systems will actually limit how long your password can be. Can you imagine having that as a problem? "Your password is too long!"

Just avoid using personal information, and you too can be the envy of the security minded everywhere when you quickly and easily type in your unbelievably long password.

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